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SOS - Black Sea Kelp - Quart Bottle

SOS-Black Sea Kelp - Case - Quart Bottles

Black Sea Kelp (1-1-10) - 6 per case. Sea Kelp contains naturally occurring plant growth regulators, namely cytokinins, gibberellins, and indoles. In addition, Seaweed also contains achelating compound called mannitol, which naturally chelates micronutrients into forms that are readily available for plant use.
SOS - Fish Hydrolysate - Label

SOS-Fish Hydrolysate - Case - Gallon Bottles

Fish Hydrolysate - Liquid (2-3-1) - 4 gallon bottles per case.
SOS - Fish Hydrolysate - Label

SOS-Fish Hydrolysate - Case - Quart Bottles

Fish Hydrolysate - Liquid (2-3-1) - 6 quart bottles per case.
Liquid Humate Pluse - Quart Bottle

SOS-Liquid Humate Plus- Case - Quart Bottles

Liquid Humate Plus Contains naturally-occurring rooting hormones • It increases the root mass and root length, also allows the plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently • Contains composted organic poultry manure extract
Liquid Yucca Extract - Quart Bottle

SOS-Liquid Yucca Extract - Case - Quart Bottles

Yucca Extract is an excellent source of natural plant sugars, as well as plant soaps (saponins). The saponins in Liquid Yucca Extract reduce surface tension in soil, which allows water to penetrate soil faster and easier. Ideal for dry soils and hard-to-wet soils, such as clayey soils. ​

SOS-SOS-VermaPlex ® - Case - Quart Bottles

VermaPlex® is a new liquid specialty fertilizer All natural: no animal, yard, or food wastes are used to produce VermaPlex®. Children and pets can play on the lawn as soon as the applications have been completed. Plant liquid fertilizer concentrate (1 quart = 20 quarts). Contains liquid humate, yucca, soluble sea kelp and many other natural ingredients.(No animal or food waste, yard clippings or petroleum)