Ideas to Enhance an Outdoor Living Space

Do you need ideas to enhance your backyard for the new year? Are you one of those people that love spending time in their backyard no matter the season? Continue reading to discover Bianchi Brickyard’s top ideas to enhance an outdoor living space: 

Fire Pit

Fit pits are an excellent gift for those who enjoy spending time outside all year round. This gift is ideal for backyards both small and large, since they come in many different sizes and styles. At Bianchi Brickyard, we offer a variety of fire pits, including traditional fire pits as well as a line of smokeless fire pits by Breeo. This gift would help your friend or family member to enjoy their outdoor space all year round, even during colder months. 

Outdoor TV

An outdoor TV makes the perfect gift for your friend or family member who loves to watch TV, but doesn’t want to be cooped up in the house all day. Whether they like to watch football or cartoons with their children, an outdoor TV will provide entertainment for the house in the comfort of their outdoor living space. 

Pizza Oven

At Bianchi Brickyard, we carry a range of pizza ovens to choose from, including wood-fired, gas, and hybrid ovens. Working with a smaller outdoor living space? No problem–we offer compact pizza ovens that can fit in smaller spaces. Don’t let the name trick you–pizza ovens can be used to cook vegetables, smoke meat, and even make baked goods. The gift of a pizza oven is one that will provide good memories for years to come. 


Grills are classic gifts that anyone would love. At Bianchi Brickyard, we carry a line of Blaze grills for you to choose from. Whether you are adding a grill to complete an outdoor kitchen, or you just want to upgrade your patio to an elevated outdoor living space, a grill makes the perfect gift. 

Outdoor Furniture 

Outdoor furniture can be a great gift to help enhance an outdoor space. Seating, tables, and chairs can instantly elevate an outdoor space. Patios and backyards can feel more inviting and comfortable with the addition of a few pieces of furniture. We recommend purchasing weather-proof or weather-safe outdoor furniture to ensure it lasts against the elements. 

Fire Tables

Fire tables, like fire pits, can instantly make an outdoor living space more welcoming. This fire appliance, like fire pits, emits warmth and creates a cozy environment, even during colder months. We carry a selection of fire tables, all of which are gas powered. During warmer months, the fire table can be used as a regular table when entertaining friends and family. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Looking for a bigger gift to give to someone special in your life? Give them the gift of an outdoor kitchen! Outdoor kitchens can completely transform an outdoor living space from a basic backyard, to an exciting entertainment space. Pavers and walls can be added along with cabinetry, a grill, and even a fridge to bring an outdoor kitchen to life. 

Patio Makeover

A patio makeover is a transformational gift that would keep giving for years, if not decades, to come. With help from the professionals at Bianchi Brickyard, we can help you design a dream patio, equipped with everyone one would want or need in an outdoor living space. A patio makeover isn’t complete with a heat source. In addition to fire pits and fire tables, we also offer a wide variety of customizable fireplaces to help turn up the heat. 

Contact us today to learn how Bianchi Brickyard can transform your backyard into the outdoor living space of your dreams!