5 Hardscaping Designs Tips for Small Yards

Small backyards can be just as beautiful as large backyards when you plan and design your space with size in mind. There are many different hardscaping options to turn small backyards into beautiful outdoor living spaces. Continue reading to learn about Bianchi Brickyard’s 5 tips for designing the perfect backyard:  

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Fire pits and fireplaces are a classic outdoor addition that can turn your backyard into an entertainment center for years to come. Since fire pits and fireplaces don’t take up too much yard space, they are an ideal addition for homeowners with small yards seeking to elevate their outdoor living spaces. At Bianchi Brickyard, we offer a variety of fire pits and fireplaces to fit your personality and home design. 

Add an Outdoor Kitchen 

Adding an outdoor kitchen can completely transform your backyard, and you may be surprised to find out that even small areas can accommodate this outdoor addition! Whether you prefer to grill or bake pizzas in an outdoor oven, we have a product for you! We offer a variety of grills and ovens, including compact wood and gas-powered options to keep you and your guests entertained all year long.

Add Ground Cover Materials  

Ground cover materials, such as stepping stones and mulch can instantly give your backyard a boost. Adding ground cover is a relatively quick and noninvasive project suitable for backyards of any size. Stepping stones and mulch can help create a clean look and feel to your backyard

Hardscape your Garden 

With help from the experts at Bianchi Brickyard, you can design a functional and beautiful hardscape garden that fits perfectly into your backyard. Garden and lawn edging adds function and design to your garden, helping to keep your plants contained within the area of your choosing. You can also consider adding walls around your garden space. We also offer irrigation supplies like sprinkler heads and PVC pipe irrigation to remove the chore of watering your garden and lawn.

Add a Patio 

A patio can completely transform your backyard into an entertainment space for your family and friends. Adding a patio can be as simple as laying down a few pavers to spruce up your space. Patios are versatile and easy to maintain, making them ideal for any homeowner. Add a few adirondack chairs and a fire pit to turn your patio up a notch!
Enhance your small outdoor living experience with supplies from Bianchi Brickyard. Get started today with a free quote!