About Us

It all began when David and Julie Bianchi incorporated D.L. Bianchi’s Construction Co. in Buffalo, New York in 1971. They focused their operation on general masonry and brick construction, carrying on the family tradition that began with Angelo Bianchi around 1911. After operating as one of the largest non-unionized masonry construction companies in Buffalo, David and Julie decided to move the company to North Carolina in 1996 where it still operates today.

It wasn’t until 2001 that the Bianchi Family, now with help from their son Mark, decided to open up a masonry retail store named D.L. Bianchi’s Brickyard Supply in Southport, North Carolina. The family’s experience and expertise along with the long-standing staff gives them the ability to supply all of their customers’ products or material needs.

With the help and support of the staff, the business has proudly become one of the most respected and notable businesses in the area. A tremendous amount of pride is taken in offering the highest quality products and services. The Bianchi Family and staff strive to build continuing relationships with all of our clients.

Green Building Practices

At D.L. Bianchi’s Brickyard Supply, we support and believe in Building Green. Because most of our customers build in coastal regions near environmentally sensitive areas, we are extremely concerned about implementing proper building practices to preserve this delicate environment.

Meet The Team

David Bianchi


David has been in the bricklaying and masonry business his whole life. He began D.L. Bianchi Construction Co. with his wife in 1971, carrying on the longstanding Bianchi masonry family tradition. Moving his family from Buffalo, NY to Wilmington, NC in 1996, they realized their dream of opening the Brickyard. 

David continues to come up with new and innovative ideas to progress the company in an ever-changing environment. He also loves spending time with his growing family. He is an avid sportsman who enjoys fishing and hunting. He is also an okay golfer!  Come by and say hi to David who has been in the masonry business for over 4 decades and has seen it all!

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David Bianchi

Julie Bianchi

Owner - Bookkeeper

Julie and Dave moved to Wilmington, NC in 1996 and realized their dream of opening a brickyard in Southport, NC. It came true in 2001 when they found a piece of property and knew with hard work, and plenty of determination, they could create a beautiful business to match the warmth of the Southport area. She is extremely proud of their accomplishments.  

She loves gardening, which is evident when you stop by the brickyard. She loves spending time with her eight grandchildren, exercising, and reading books on the beach. Customer service is especially important to her, and she has developed lasting friendships through this. 

Julie Bianchi

Mark Bianchi

General Manager - Outside Sales

Mark has been working in the building industry with his family since he was a child. He was born in Buffalo, New York and later moved with his family to Wilmington. Since graduating from UNCW with a business degree, he has made it his passion to grow the family business. With his drive, he wants the Bianchi name to be synonymous with quality, dependability, and integrity.

When Mark is not at work, he spends time with his wife, four kids, and three dogs. Mark enjoys living a healthy and active lifestyle spending time outdoors any chance he can get.

Mark Bianchi

Steve Phillips

Delivery Expert

Steve has been in and around the construction and material handling business most of his life. He joined our team in 2007 and brought deep expertise and knowledge of material handling and delivery logistics. Customers can rest assured when Steve is setting up the job!

Steve enjoys spending time with his family and four grandchildren and is an avid outdoorsman and hunter.

Steve Phillips

Eugene "Geno" Reuther

Production Assistant

Geno’s career has always been tied to the home building industry. First in St Louis, Missouri working for his family-owned home building company in sales and marketing, and later to managing the custom home program for the area’s largest home building company.

Geno has been a long-standing part of the Bianchi family, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise. If you have a unique challenge or are looking for a tough-to-find answer, Geno is a great resource. 

He enjoys playing golf, watching sports, and walking the beach with his wife, Linda of 44 years. He is also an aspiring 10 pin bowler! He looks forward to the summer vacation time when his two sons and daughter come to the beach for some sun & fun.

Chris Honeyman

Equipment Operator

Chris has been a Brunswick County native since the year 2000. He previously lived in Goldsboro, North Carolina where his father retired from the United States Air Force. Chris joined the Bianchi Family a number of years ago, bringing with him a positive can-do attitude and a knowledgeable skillset of equipment operations. 

Chris is a volunteer firefighter and enjoys spending his time with friends and family.

Shane Pennington

Yard Specialist

Shane Pennington is our dedicated “yard guy” specializing in hardscapes and landscaping. He has many years of hands-on experience and has created many beautiful one-of-a-kind features. His wide array of talents makes him a valuable resource for our customers.  Shane is another talented team member who would love to help you find just what you are looking for, and often has a creative insight or solution. 

He and his wife own an Art Gallery and Studio in Shallotte, NC. They host events throughout the year and enjoy connecting people with art and the outdoors. 

Felix Licerio

Team Member

Felix is a Washington State native but has lived in North Carolina for much of his life. He has a background in construction and is always eager to help. His ever-growing knowledge and his work ethic makes him an asset, and you will find him to be most helpful.  


He and his wife have two dogs and love a good board game with friends.

Joshua Blades

Team Member

Josh was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina. He has lived around the world with his wife and has a diverse professional background. His intense energy and enthusiasm for people show in the way that he works. 

Since joining the Bianchi Family, Josh has filled many roles and become an integral part of daily operations. His friendliness and sense of humor will get you excited about your next project. 

He and his wife love beachcombing and hanging out with friends, enjoying a good time!

Yoni Baum

Equipment Operator

Yoni has been in Brunswick County since 2016. He previously lived in South Haven, Michigan where he resided after honorably serving in the US Army for 7 years. Yoni joined the Bianchi family in 2020 and serves as a Driver/ Equipment Operator for the Winnabow location.

Yoni enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He loves Surfing whenever the time is right.

J. Michael Roberts

Yard Pro

Michael works at our Winnabow location and wears many hats. From placing your orders through our vendors to loading you on the yard, he’s here to help you have a smooth visit, making use of his wide scope of knowledge and expertise. 

Michael is Georgia-born but lived all over the country.  Michael is a veteran of the US ARMY and a proud family man and father of 4. He and his wife Whitney moved to Brunswick County in 2020 to start a homestead and have a change of scenery, and he has been a valuable member of our team ever since. He loves history and trivial knowledge, taking care of his animals, and spending time with his children.

Heath Caddell

Team Member - Winnabow

Heath is a long-standing member of the Winnabow team. He is yet another versatile team member who makes deliveries, loads customers, answers phones and can find just what you’re looking for. 

Heath and his wife have 3 kids and live in Leland. They spend much of their time with family and are involved in the local community.

John Fiscella


John is an old friend of the Bianchi family.  He’s had a long career as a corporate accounting and finance manager with both large and medium-sized organizations.  John left his corporate career and moved to Southport 20 years ago and started a construction company and a waste hauling company. Five years ago, he retired but was soon bored. He came out of retirement and works part-time.   Though he works behind the scenes, he is a great team member and even answers the phone now and then! 

He is a woodworker and enjoys making furniture. He also loves a good pair of aviators and makes a great Maverick impersonator.

Lori White


Lori was born and raised in New Jersey.  She then moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1996 where she worked in the IT field for many years until leaving the workforce to homeschool her two daughters.  In 2020, Lori relocated to Oak Island, re-entered the workforce.  She assists with bookkeeping and processing customer payments.  

Lori enjoys spending time with friends and family.  She loves fitness, baking, reading, doing puzzles, and walking to the beach.