Hardscapes Before Landscapes

Are you thinking of changing the curb appeal of your front and backyard this year? Creating a new living space as an improving part of your existing home can be fun and rewarding. Do it now before the spring and summer heat gets here.

On a limited budget? The easiest and cheapest thing is to take out old annuals, overgrown grasses, and weeds. Then install fresh mulch, decorative gravels, and new colorful annuals mixed with existing perennials.


Hardscapes and landscapes are some of the hardest, dirtiest, and heaviest jobs you will ever do to your home; but they are by far the most rewarding because they create a positive first impression for your most valued possession and reflect a new mood that reflects your personality.


First, come up with a plan or idea of what you like. Check out landscaping you like and resources such as landscaping magazines, Google, the internet, spring trade shows, and even talk to a local professional.

Then, make a wishlist, do some measurements, create a few rough sketches of your thoughts, and see if it fits your budget. Hardscapes and landscapes done properly can last a lifetime, so give them a lot of time and thought. Also, check with your POA if necessary.

You’ll have a lot of options to choose from. There are elevated retaining walls, flagstone, decorative stone, and even permeable paver systems that boast up to 70% of permeability on the ground covered. You can also go a step further and install an outside fireplace, pizza oven, brick or stone bar, granite countertops, or grill surrounded with plumbing and electric. Changes in your new Hardscapes can alter your irrigation and drip systems in your existing landscaping, so don’t forget to talk to a licensed professional before you start your project.

The choices are endless – only determined by your designs and budget. You could even install a synthetic grass golf putting green to practice and lower your handicap for that crazy game we play.

All your Hardscapes and Irrigation projects should be done before installing flowers or shrubbery. If all of these steps are done in the proper sequence, the job will be easy and enjoyable for all involved. Remember Hardscapes before Landscapes, and the end product will be a rewarding work of art which will definitely reflect the character and personalities of you and your property.

For any questions or guidance, please stop by the Brickyard and talk to any of our knowledgeable staff. Good luck, enjoy the journey, and remember to have fun!

–  Dave Bianchi