How To Prepare Your Yard for Colder Weather

While the winter season in North Carolina is usually short, it’s still important to get your yard ready for the colder weather. By performing a few simple maintenance tasks, you’re not only preserving your landscape throughout the winter, but also keeping it ready for when spring weather is back in a few short months. Below are a few ways to prepare your yard for the cold.

1. Aerate your lawn

Aeration opens up the soil in your yard and allows for a better growth environment for the roots of your grass. This task should be done a few times a year when your soil is prone to be compacted. You can rent an aerator from home improvement and home garden stores, and it’s recommended that you irrigate the lawn a few days before aerating.

2. Rake up leaves

Use a rake or leaf blower to move your leaves into a pile and prevent them from smothering your lawn. While you can rake your leaves and dispose of them, we suggest redistributing them in your lawn and using them for composting!

3. Maintain your compost pile

If you do decide to collect and keep the leaves in your yard, add them to your compost pile. This compost can later be used to keep your garden rich with nutrients when it gets cold. 

4. Mow your grass short

Cut your grass down to 1 to 1 ½ inch, making it easy to aerate and compost. If your grass is taller than 3 inches, you’ll want to cut it incrementally over a couple of mowings, cutting no more than one-third of a grass blade at a time.

5. Drain irrigation systems

If you have an automated irrigation system, you should drain and blow it out to prevent damage from thawing and freezing. You should also drain and coil any hoses and put them in winter storage in a garage or basement. 

6. Overseed your lawn

Fill a spreader with seed and distribute it across your lawn. We recommend doing this 6-8 weeks before temperatures drop to freezing. Seeding your lawn now will give it a head start in the spring by preventing loss of grass during the winter.

Let our team of pros help you get prepped for colder weather! Contact us today to learn more about our best irrigation practices and check out our extensive list of winter mulch and landscaping supplies.