Outdoor Fireplace vs. Fire Pit

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your outdoor living area, but aren’t sure whether you want to add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Both options come with pros and cons depending on your budget, available space, and personal preference. Continue reading to learn more about outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to determine which backyard addition is best for your living space. 

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to add warmth to your outdoor living area year round. They provide an easy way to entertain guests or simply enjoy time with friends and family during any function.

At Bianchi Brickyard, we can help you build the perfect fireplace to fit in your outdoor living space. Choose from a large selection of styles, including our popular Bordeau Pizza Oven Silo, featuring a fireplace and pizza oven within the same unit. Looking for something more specific? Our experts can also help bring your vision to life by building a custom fireplace to fit your needs. 

All of our outdoor fireplaces can be outfitted with gas hookups to ensure you and your family enjoy clean and efficient warmth without the hassle of burning wood every time.

Due to their size, outdoor fireplaces often require more space than smaller options like fire pits. If you have adequate space and are seeking a larger addition to your living area, consider adding an outdoor fireplace by Bianchi Brickyard.

Pros of outdoor fireplaces:

  • Large entertainment piece 
  • Elegant features 
  • Pizza oven options
  • Clean and efficient warmth

Cons of outdoor fireplaces: 

  • Requires more space 
  • Bigger investment
  • If wood-burning, smoke may cause lung irritation 

Fire Pit

Fire pits are excellent for those seeking a more compact option, or those working with smaller outdoor living spaces. Our fire pits are affordable and highly customizable, making them ideal for those wanting to add warmth to their outdoor living area without making too large of a dent in their space or wallet. 

Like our outdoor fireplaces, the experts at Bianchi Brickyard can add gas hookups to any fire pit, ensuring the warmth is clean and efficient year round. We also offer a selection of smokeless fire pits from BREEO that don’t produce the air pollution or fumes that are typically seen from traditional wood-burning fire pits. 

Pros of fire pits:

  • Affordable 
  • Highly customizable 
  • Smokeless option
  • Clean and efficient warmth
  • Can be added to most outdoor living spaces

Cons of fire pits: 

  • Small size can be limiting 
  • Can pose a safety hazard with children
  • If wood-burning, smoke may cause lung irritation

Turn up the heat this year by adding a fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor living area!

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