Pavers vs. Stepping Stones

Paver and stepping stones

Do you want to elevate the natural beauty of your landscaping? Consider adding pavers or stepping stones. These products can quickly enhance the functionality and design of your outdoor space. Whether you’d like to add a small garden walkway or elevate your yard with a paved patio, Bianchi Brickyard is here to bring your vision to life. 


Pavers can be installed in outdoor spaces both small and large. Whether you’d like to build a full patio or a small outdoor entertainment space, pavers can be used to elevate your yard. At Bianchi Brickyard, we carry a variety of pavers to fit many different hardscaping designs. We even offer Turfstone Natural stone pavers for homeowners who prefer some greenery within their hardscaping. 


Stepping stones are an excellent design choice for those seeking to make a big impact in their landscape. Pavers come in many different designs, from uniform square and rectangle shapes to organic cobblestone patterns. Our Belgian Cobble and Mega Arbel Belgian stone pavers are a popular choice for homeowners seeking an organic look and feel. However, we also carry more uniform pavers, like our Holland Guiliford and Cambridge Appalachian stone pavers. These products are designed to cover a wide area of space, providing the hardscaping you need to have a patio, grill, or outdoor seating area. 


The main drawback to pavers is the cost. When compared to stepping stones, pavers are a bigger financial investment. Pavers are made of natural stone and concrete, and the durable materials help the pavers withstand the test of time. Pavers also require professional installation to ensure they are even and aligned properly. This installation contributes to the increased cost, but the outcome is a beautiful paved patio area that homeowners can enjoy for years to come. 


Pavers are designed to last and require very low maintenance. Because of this, pavers are a great option for those seeking to make a long-term impact on an outdoor space. Unlike stepping stones, pavers are unlikely to shift and do not need to be adjusted. To keep pavers looking nice, homeowners should sweep dust and debris off of the surface. Preventing dirt build up is a great way to maintain the appearance and condition of pavers. The minimal maintenance required makes pavers a great choice for busy individuals. 

Stepping Stones: 

Stepping stones are a great addition for yards of all shapes and sizes. These products are highly versatile and provide homeowners with a variety of layout possibilities. In fact, stepping stones are highly favored by those who enjoy DIY projects, as they can be installed solely by the homeowner, if they’d like to take on the project themselves. At Bianchi Brickyard, we carry an assortment of stepping stones from brands like Universal Stone and Savannah Surfaces. Whether you prefer uniformity or a more organic look, we carry stepping stones that fit your needs.  


Stepping stones are an excellent design choice for those seeking an organically designed walkway. Unlike pavers, stepping stones are arranged individually to form a walkway within your existing landscape. Since they are made from natural stone, stepping stones typically have unique designs and colors. At Bianchi Brickyard, we carry a variety of stepping stones, and our Flagstone is a great option for those looking for unique stepping stones that will add character to any landscape. However, if you’re looking for a more uniform walkway design, we also carry stepping stones that are cut in similar shapes, like our 16” Portage Stone.


If you’re looking to add a walkway to your outdoor space but have a tighter budget, stepping stones are a great place to start. These stones have a lower cost when compared to pavers, and they are a quick addition to any landscape. But don’t let the lower cost deceive you. Like pavers, stepping stones can transform an outdoor space, making it more inviting, improving functionality, and complementing your natural landscape. 


Due to the nature of stepping stones, they require more maintenance than pavers. These stones tend to shift over time and need to be adjusted to ensure they form a functioning walkway. Stepping stones may need to be adjusted after storms or flooding. Flooding often removes soil from around and under stepping stones, which can make them uneven and wobbly. So, consider the maintenance required when deciding between stepping stones and pavers for your outdoor space. 

Which is Right for You?

Both pavers and stepping stones are highly functional additions to any yard. However, depending on your needs, aesthetic goals, and current landscape, one may be more appropriate than the other. Take into consideration design, cost, and maintenance required before making your decision. 

At Bianchi Brickyard, we’re here to bring your landscape dreams to life. Contact us today to discover our full range of products.