Prep for Peak Hurricane Season

Sand bags

Hurricane season has begun, and many homeowners on the East Coast are anxiously awaiting the first storm to head their way. While there’s no way of preventing a hurricane or tropical storm, there are measures you can take to protect your property from extensive damage. In this article, we will share the top 5 ways you can start preparing your property for peak hurricane season. 

Storm-proof Your Property 

Hurricanes and tropical storms can develop very quickly, which is why it’s so important that homeowners stormproof their properties well ahead of time. If a storm is heading your way, start securing all of your outside furniture, planters, grills, and playsets. When picked up by strong winds, all of these items can become very dangerous debris that can damage houses, cars, and put people’s safety at risk. Securing your large outside items is a big step in storm-proofing your property. We also recommend that homeowners trim any overgrown or dead tree branches that could pose a threat during a storm. Trimming these branches can help reduce the risk of your home being damaged by falling tree debris. 

Identify Potential Flood Risks

Homeowners must identify potential flood risks when preparing their properties for hurricane season. Flooding can be very dangerous and cause extensive damage to properties. Research your location to determine if your home is located in a flood zone. If your yard has a history of flooding, you may want to consider investing in a drainage system. You will also want to look at drainage patterns in your yard. If water tends to pool or drain near your home, you need to make changes to ensure water is draining off of your property to keep your home safe from flooding. At Bianchi Brickyard, we can help improve the drainage on your property to avoid future flooding problems. 

Protect Your Irrigation System

Hurricanes and tropical storms can wreck your irrigation system if you don’t take precautions before the storm sets in. If you’re anticipating a storm, make sure to turn off your irrigation system ahead of time to avoid damage. Shut off the main water supply to your irrigation system, and then you’ll need to release any pressure in the pipes. This will allow any remaining water to drain out, preventing any build up or leakage during the storm. Homeowners should also take measures to protect the outside components of their irrigation system, including sprinklers, hoses, and valves. We recommend disconnecting these components to avoid damage from high winds or storm debris. For irrigation components that cannot be removed, consider wrapping them with a heavy duty tarp to help protect them during the storm. 

Gather Supplies Ahead of Time

Storm preparation is all about being ready for anything that may happen during the storm. Hurricanes and tropical storms can change very quickly, leaving residents little time to respond, which is why it’s so crucial to gather your necessary supplies ahead of time. In addition to food, water, and gas, you will also need to stock up on supplies to prevent flood water entering your home. At Bianchi Brickyard, we carry large quantities of sand, bagged soil, and sandbags to help protect your home during hurricane season. It’s recommended that homeowners have these supplies ready to protect their home from flooding and help divert rainwater from seeping through doors. 

Stay Vigilant

It’s crucial that you stay vigilant during hurricane season. Monitor the news for any storm developments in the Atlantic Ocean. When you are in the path of a storm, it’s better to prepare sooner rather than later. Being vigilant and monitoring storms can help you prepare your property and protect your home. Gather your supplies, protect your irrigation system, and identify potential flood risks well ahead of the next storm that comes your way. Taking these proactive steps will help to save you time and money in the long run. 
Is your property ready to weather a storm this hurricane season? Bianchi Brickyard has everything you need to make sure your property is protected. Explore our product offerings and contact us today to learn how we can help secure your property this hurricane season.