Stone & Pavers for Sale in Leland

Refresh your landscaping and enhance your home’s curb appeal with our wide selection of stone products. Bianchi Brickyard & Landscape Supply located in Southport and Winnabow is your premium supplier of everything you need for your landscaping, stone, and paver projects.

  • Find the perfect type of stone for your home
  • Multiple types of stepping stones and pavers from premium partners like Belgard are available
  • Increase your curb appeal and home value.
  • Work with our experienced professionals to bring your project ideas to life
  • Perfect for enhancing back or front yards, patios, and other landscaping projects
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1 Cubic Yard Bulk Bags of material available for delivery

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Estimates can be handled over the phone or through an in-person appointment

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Precise delivery available to place materials exactly where they're needed


We offer vegetative debris drop off that we'll recycle to reduce the amount of waste in our area's landfills

Landscaping Stone & Stone Yard Leland

Our partnership with stone quarries across the United States provides us with a vast array of stone products available to be delivered to your home in Leland.

Featured Stone Products

Our Partnership with Belgard

Ready to pave the way through your landscaping? Get landscaping pavers in Leland. Our team of hardscaping experts is here to help you make the best stone paver selection for your home.

Featured Paver Products

Stone And Paver Delivery

Bianchi’s Brickyard and Landscape Supply invests in logistical assets to deliver our products and services so that our customers have peace of mind when seeing a job completed from start to finish. We can place your order of stone or pavers where it is needed to speed up job completion, and we operate multiple-sized dump trucks for any amounts of stone and paver deliveries.

We offer delivery to the surrounding area of our two locations including Southport, Winnabow, Belville, Navassa, Winnabow, Wilmington, Hampstead, Myrtle Beach, Bolivia, and more.