3 Ideas for Enhancing Your Yard With an Outdoor Fireplace

If you’ve been dreaming of a restful outdoor living space, the time is now to bring your vision to life.

And for both residential and commercial properties, installing an outdoor fireplace adds tremendous resale value. Plus, the warmth and ambiance of a real blazing fire form the perfect backdrop for hosting family and friends. 

If you’re planning on enhancing your yard with an outdoor fireplace, here are 3 beautiful ideas to try (and the benefits of each):

Install an Outdoor Fire Pit

Firepits are exterior features you can use year-round. So, whether you aim to create a cozy atmosphere for two or host a soirée with friends—firepits combine the best function and beauty.

Firepits are also highly versatile, forming a stunning focal point for your outdoor landscaping and a social hot spot.

With several options to pick from, including wood-burning, gas, or propane models, it’s easy to find the right fit for your space and budget. 

Top Tip: When using a firepit to make dinner, we recommend only cooking over a wood fire pit (not gas), along with a grill rack.

Build an Exterior Living Room

You don’t always need to schedule a vacation to relax. Instead, create an outdoor oasis just for you.

Designing a luxurious outdoor living room gives you and your family privacy to have fun and unwind. Plus, gathering around a fire creates a relaxing environment to bring people together.

Upgrading your outdoor living space with a fireplace even adds interest to your home and backyard scenery. 

Top Tip: If you love to entertain, a fireplace paired with weather- and stain-resistant furniture, a few string lights, and colorful décor will create the perfect location for nighttime partying.

Design an Outdoor Kitchen With a Pizza Oven

Maximize your outdoor living space with a custom kitchen equipped with a wood-burning oven. Designing a stylish exterior dining area will also bring you comfort and extra space to cook.

And this culinary amenity makes cooking at home a breeze. Instead of eating out (or ordering in), cooking a meal in the comfort of your own home will save you money.

Top Tip: Handtossing a pizza can be a cheerful bonding activity for families. Along with encouraging your loved ones to spend more time with each other, cooking at home with fresh ingredients promotes healthy eating.

Dreaming of an outdoor oasis, but not sure where to start?

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