5 Effective Tips for a Low Maintenance Yard

Multi colored leaves are the classic sign of autumn season has arrived in the backyard with leaf colors changing on different maple and oak trees as well as ginkgo biloba.

Did you assume the only way to achieve a beautiful, eye-catching yard was through intensive labor and maintenance?

The truth is far from that!

Here’s how you can attain a visually appealing (and healthy) yard that doesn’t gobble up all your free time.

An automatic sprinkler watering a bed of flowers in bright sunshine.

Use Automatic Irrigation 

If you’re spending hours dragging a garden hose around your property, you’re not being efficient. 

Instead, install an automatic irrigation system. 

These systems make watering your plants a precise and simple process. You can target specific areas that need more water and also set your system to run when you’re away from home. 

This ensures your plants stay hydrated even if you’re traveling for long periods of time.

Rockery, Drywall, Natural stone wall

Add a Rock Garden

Rock gardens usually don’t need much care because they contain drought-resistant plants.

Plus, rocks have a natural visual appearance that work well as lawn decor (and require zero maintenance).

But, as you build your rock garden, make sure the plants you pick require the same type of care. This way, you’re not worrying about providing individualized care to each plant (one plant needs more water than another, for example).

Stick to Drought-Approved Perennials

When picking plants to add to your landscaping, opt for drought-tolerant shrubs, flowers and more (especially in areas of your yard that get full sun)!  

What makes drought-tolerant perennials special? They last many years. 

This reduces the amount of care you need to invest in your landscaping, keeping your yard looking great (with little elbow grease).

Gardener mulching with pine bark juniper plants in the yard. Seasonal works in the garden. Landscape design. Ornamental shrub juniper.

Use Mulch

Mulch is another landscaping superhero.

Not only does an application of mulch reduce your watering needs (by maintaining soil moisture and cooling plant roots), it also suppresses weeds!

Mulch cuts back on your yearly yard maintenance.

Plus, as mulch decomposes, it enriches your soil and improves its texture.

By using mulch, you also protect your plants over the winter instead of having to remove and replant them per year.

Mowing the grass

Mow Less

Another common landscaping mistake that homeowners make is not timing their mowing correctly. 

One of the worst things you can do for your lawn is waiting until your grass is overly long (and then scalping it).


Treating your lawn this way will kill it over time. The secret to a luscious, green lawn is cutting it only when needed.

You should maintain a consistent height throughout your growing season. The right height depends on your turf type. 
The general rule of thumb: Never remove more than one-third of a grass blade’s length (with each mowing) and let your clippings sit.

Get started on transforming your yard today into a low-maintenance space!

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