The Best Retaining Walls for Your Yard

When it comes to supporting soil masses between two different terrain heights in your yard or garden, which material is best?

As you choose your residential retaining wall, consider the design you desire, your budget, and the functional purpose of the wall itself.

We’ve outlined the pros and cons of each material to help you narrow down which retainer is best for your home and landscaping.

Stone Veneer

With a natural appearance, you can create just about any look with stone veneers.  However, these walls require advanced skill and training, typical of experienced contractors or landscaping architects. 

Best for: Homeowners wanting a custom look since stone can vary in style, thickness, height, and color. Depending on style and budget, stone walls can also complement walkways made with pavers.


There are two primary concrete retainer walls: concrete blocks and poured concrete. With concrete blocks, you can create curved designs, as long as you require walls under a height of 4 feet. Typically, slump blocks resemble Spanish-style architecture, while ground-faced blocks fit mid-century architecture. 

Next up is poured concrete, more robust than concrete block walls and ideal for modern designs. Although you can use poured concrete for various landscape designs, it takes more skill to form the right look, making this solution harder for residential projects. Poured concrete is also more prone to cracking, so to mitigate waves or bulges, its form must be in immaculate shape. 

Best for: Homeowners who want various design options and have the budget to hire a trained professional.


Brick is solid and durable, but it’s fairly labor-intensive to install. It also requires special considerations for drainage. However, with proper installation methods, brick retaining walls form a solid structure, which can withstand wear, pressure, or damage.

Best for: Homeowners who want to complement traditional home and landscape styles with minimal upkeep.

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